​Unsung heroes who gave life to great mollywood characters – Best dubbing artists of mollywood

Our Mollywood industry is blessed with some very own talented persons who can lend their voices to any characters, so that it make us feel to be cent percent real. Not only full time dubbing artists, but also major actors have also played their part in dubbing for others. Rizababa, Sai Kumar, Narendra Prasad etc. are some of those actors who have dubbed for other actors, even when they were  prominent actors themselves. But in this article, let us go through the list of probably the best dubbing artists of Mollywood industry.
1. Shammy Thilakan – Mundackal Shekaran

Shammy Thilakan, son of legendary Mollywood actor Thilakan, is someone who actually doesn’t need any type of formal introduction. He has proved himself both in the fields of acting and dubbing. Talking about his dubbing excellence, we should admit that he has done justice to the powerful voice that he has inherited from his father. He was the one who gave voice to some of the greatest characters ever in  Mollywood. Some of his greatest works include Mushraf Ibrahim in Sathyameva Jayathe, Kuttikadan in Spadikam, Chandu Gurukkal in Kadathanadan Ambadi (This role was played by legendary factory Prem Nazir) etc. He has also given his voice to the late Kannada Superstar Vishnuvardhan in Kauravar. In 1993 he lend his voice to Nazar in the movie Ghazal for which he won the state award for the best dubbing artist. Apart from acting in the movie Dhruvam, he also gave voice to one of the greatest villains that Mollywood has come across, Hyder Marakkar, which means he dubbed with 2 different voices for the same movie. But above all these, the greatest work ever by Shammi as a dubbing artist will be remembered as his efforts of giving  voice to the role of Mundackal Sekaran played by Napoleon in Devasuram. Shammi succeeded in giving the apt mass toned voice for the 6 feet long unforgettable villain which is still a sensation.

2. Bhagyalakshmi-Nagavalli / Ganga

Bhagyalakshi is truly someone who has received magical blessings from the Almighty as she is someone who can dub for any character of any age flawlessly. She might actually be the one dubbing artist who would have actually dubbed for the most number of actresses. She has given her voice to Poornima, Vani Viswanath, Bhavana, Urvasi,Shobhana, Soundarya, Suhasini, Kanaka, Meena, Revathy, Girija Shettar, Menaka, Manya, Nadia Moidu, Karthika, Amala Akkineni,  Padma Priya, Sukanya, Geethu Mohandas, Lissy, Chippy, Swetha, Jyothika, Sneha, Parvathy, Jyothirmayi, Madhavi, Lakshmi Rai, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Priya Raman, Madhu bala, Ranjini, Kushboo, Priya Gill, Bhanu Priya, Sumalatha, Kavya Madhavan, Divya Unni, Saritha, Nandini, Tabu, Priya Gill, Ramya Krishnan, Meera Vasudev, Seetha, Pooja Batra, Jayapradha, Radhika, Sangeetha, Devayani, Indraja, Riya Sen, Nithya Menen ETC. Indeed the list is lengthy..isn’t it? Just like Shammi Thilakan, Bhagyalakshi had also dubbed for two pivotal characters in the same movie. She dubbed for both Geethu Mohandas and Samyuktha Varma in Thenkashipattanan. All of this will stand aside if we consider the best one ever by Bhagyalakshmi, Yes, it is Nagavalli. How can anyone forget Shobhana’s role as Ganga and Nagavalli in Manichithrathazhu. The acting part was purely safe in the hands of Shobhana and she did the role with atmost perfection. The character got its full life when Nagavalli received her voice from Bhagyalakshmi. The tamil dialogues is obviously one of the prominent reasons why Nagavalli haunts us even now, all credits to Bhagyalakshmi

3. Vijay Menon – Narendra Shetty

When it comes to characters with an English slang in their tone, there is no better option than Vijay Menon. His powerful voice and a sneaky English accent makes him most suited for these kind of roles. Being born in London might have helped him with this. 

He started his dubbing career by dubbing for Babu Antony in the movie  The News in 1989. From then on he was a part and parcel of Mollywood until now. Although he had given voices to Boban Alumoodan in Niram, Girish Karnad in The Prince, Thalaivasal Vijay in Melvilasom etc. Still his golden feather happens to be Narendra Shetty from FIR. Rajeev’s acting, the BGM and Vijay’s voice made that character so intense that even now Narendra Shetty could snatch a position in the top 10 villain characters ever made in Mollywood.
4. Shobi Thilakan – Bhallaladeva

Yet another son of legend Thilakan, Shobi Thilakan. Like his brother Shammi, Shobi also have given voices to some memorable characters in Mollywood. He started of his career as a mimicry artist and later left it on his father’s advice to make best use of his voice. He is actually the first choice to dub powerful characters when other language films are being dubbed into malayalam. He has lend his voice to Prakash Raj in various Mollywood films. He dubbed for Sarath Kumar in Pazhassiraja as Edachena Kunkan for which he won the state award for best dubbing artist in 2009. As mentioned before, dubbed films always had his presence. He dubbed for Sonu Sood in Arundhathi, Sudeep in Eecha, Venkitesh in Thulasi etc. But his most popular rather best performance will be the dubbing of the character Bhallaladeva portrayed by Rana Daggubatti in the Bahubali movies. He did his best to match up with the age difference of the character in the two movies without having a drop in the manliness of the character

5. Midhun Ramesh – Mallu Singh

Midhun Ramesh is currently a known figure among family audience nowadays as he is the anchor of the superhit comedy show, Comedy Utsavam. Being an RJ turned actor, he has acted in a large number of movies. Along with that he has also proven himself in the field of dubbing too. Mallu Singh is one among best mass roles that has been done by youth hero Unni Mukundan. The film being directed by Vysakh (director of Puli murugan too) was a huge hit in the boxoffice. But the fact is that Midhun Ramesh is actually the man behind the enigmatic voice of Mallu Singh. The voice actually suited for the rough and tough portrayal of the character by Unni. Midhun’s voice actually helped in adding an extra momentum to the mass appeal of the character. Midhun’s other notable dubbing ventures are the ones he did for actor Sreekanth, Rajeev pillai and of course for Jishnu in his debut film Nammal.

6. Dinesh Prabhakar – Pothachen

If Makarand Despande does a movie in malayalam, a single guy is the sole owner of the voice of the character. Dinesh Prabhakar, a very talented actor and a casting director (something which is rarely seen in Malayalam movies). He started his acting career in 2002 with pattalam and has been a prominent figure from then own. He has also acted in bollywood films like Madras cafe, Waiting, Chef etc. He was the casting director in some malayalam and tamil movies too. He has also proved that he is no less in the field of dubbing too. Apart from dubbing for Makarand, He has also dubbed for Prabhu Deva in the movie Devi and for the African guy in Double Barrel

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