Mollywood Rules. Here Are The 10 Reasons Mollywood is The Best in Indian Cinema

Malayalam cinema is undoubtedly the best in Indian cinema when it comes to the standards. Let’s have a look at the 10 reasons that prove why Mollywood is the best in Indian cinema. Happy Reading!

1) Acting

If national awards were conducted fair enough, undoubtedly Mohanlal or Mammootty would have won it most number of times. Since there is supremacy of North Indian lobby in the national award committee national award committee. More preference is given for Bollywood actors. When it comes to acting there is no other industry in Indian cinema that could match the awesomeness of Mollywood. Be it 90’s or present our actors portray their roles in the natural way. And there aren’t any actor in Indian cinema who could match with Mohanlal when it comes to natural acting. Likewise, Mammootty when it comes to transforming as a character. The list of elegant actors in Malayalam cinema is long it starts from Mammootty, Mohanlal, Jagathy, Sathyan, Thilakan, Murali, Oduvil Unnikrishnan etcetera etcetera.

2) Comedy 

We have seen in Bollywood, Kollywood & Tollywood movies at some point there comes sperate comedy track in their movies. Most of these scenes are preposterous and won’t have no relevance with the major plot of the movie. Also female characters are portrayed in a pathetic manner for the sake of bringing humour. The performance of these comedy actors are intolerable as well. That’s where Malayalam cinema is different, there is no separate comedy track and the humor in movies comes naturally and the actors depicts it in an elegant way. We have seen the comedies of Jagathy, Kochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar, Pappu etc because of that high standards set by them most of the comedy scenes from other languages looks horrible to us.

3) World-class Movies

Mollywood is an industry produced  movies that received worldwide recognition even before this century. Padmarajan, Bharathan, KG George, Adoor Balakrishan are some directors that took the Indian cinema to international level through their movies. Most of their movies were based on a universal theme. “Manichithrathazhu” is a classic example of a world class movie. This psychology thriller was released in 1995 and became the industry hit. That was period when psychological thrillers were not Popular in Indian cinema. Manichithrathazhu can be called as the 1st of its kind in Indian cinema. Yavanika, Utharam are also classic examples for it Malayalam movies that were made in 80’s with international standards.

4) Songs

In Malayalam film industry the songs plays an important role in the movies, Songs would be delightful and evergreen. Songs won’t be placed in movies for the sake of making a song. In some other language movies songs may not have any relevance with the movie and sometimes we would be able to see the heroine dancing with the hero suddenly after the demise of her father. Some massive hit songs of other languages are horrible when we hear it after some years of its release. But the old Malayalam songs remain evergreen even after several decades.

5) No Acceptance Based On Legacy

In film Industries like Bollywood the system is like ‘If father is an actor then his son would also become an actor’. The senseless fans of father would adore the son regardless of his acting capabilities. So if Father is a superstar son is the next Superstar. On the other hand, Nazeer is arguably one most influential actors in Malayalam cinema and his son became a big flop in cinema. The reason is he didn’t do well is because he didn’t have talent like his father because of that people rejected him. Dulquer Salman, Mammootty’s Son became one of the most celebrated actors of this generation and it is not because of the stardom of Mammootty. DQ achieved the stardom through hard work and determination. This proves that you can’t survive in Malayalam cinema just because of the legacy of your father.

6) Our Comedy Actors Can Win National Awards

Indian cinema has celebrated it’s anniversary few years ago. And there are still many celebrated industries which didn’t even get 1 national award for best actor. On the other hand, Suraj & Salim Kumar has won national award for best actor. It is simply because of the potential of actors in Malayalam cinema regardless of their role. If they are acting in cinema that means they have massive potential. During 70’s & 80’s the actors who have accomplished in drama field come to cinema. Jagathy is the undisputed comedy king in Malayalam cinema but when we take the list of the best Malayalam actors of all time, he would definitely bag the top spot.

7) Realism

Malayalam cinema is best known for making realistic movies since it’s inception. The malayalam movies, the situations & the performances depicted in the movies are natural and realistic. If take a list of the finest natural actors of Indian cinema, undoubtedly the top positions would be occupied by the Malayalam actors. It is mainly because of the realism in Malayalam movies. Because of this reason our movies are less dramatic & not melodramatic as Bollywood movies. And there is proper logic given for every portrayal in our movies. Our films didn’t keep logic aside in the action movies or comedy movies. These movies are depicted in the best possible realistic way.

8) Mass + Class 

In other industries like Bollywood & Tollywood Mass Films are a kind of genre in which there is no room for logic or aesthetic appeal. In those Mass Movies we would be able to see their actors beating sh!t out of 100 people quite preposterously. On the other hand, In Mollywood Spadikam, Devasuram, Dhruvam & Kauravar can be listed as the finest ‘Mass’ movies. But these movies aren’t like so-called Mass Films from other industries. These movies have an elegant storyline with brilliant screenplays. On account of that these movies are not just ‘Mass’ movies these are equally ‘Class’ as well. Mohanlal won Kerala State Award For His Performance in the Mass Film ‘Spadikam’. Enough Said!

9) Subtlety

There is an evergreen dialogue by Jayaram “മലയാളത്തിൽ ആവുമ്പോൾ ‘അമ്മ’ എന്ന് പറഞ്ഞാൽ മതി, തമിഴിൽ ആവുമ്പോൾ അമ്മാ എന്ന്  പറയണം, എല്ലാം ഓവറാവണം.”.

In Malayalam cinema things are portrayed in a subtle manner. Be it an Action Movie or Comedy Movie. So there is no exaggeration of feelings in Malayalam movies because of that the acting is very natural and the movies as well. Drishyam vs Papanasham can be taken as a perfect example in this case. In Malayalam version Georgekutty is a bold character but in the Tamil version the protagonist is bit more emotional type, and Kamal Hassan has mentioned in an interview that the change was made purposefully inorder to suit the Tamil audience.

10) No replacement for Malayalam movies

Several Malayalam movies were remade into other languages. But not even one movie was able to match the awesomeness of the original. Even actors like Sharukhkhan, Salman Khan, Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan failed to match with the acting level of Malayalam Actors. There is dialogue from Malayalam movie Grandmaster ”എന്റെ റോൾ അത് മറ്റാർക്കും ചെയ്യാൻ സാധിക്കില്ല”. The remakes of Mohanlal movies Manichithrathazhu, Dhrishyam, Naramsimham, Spadikam, Kireedam and several other movies proved that this dialogue was right. Likewise, The remakes of Mammootty’s Kadhaparayumbol & Raajamanikyam are classic examples for this. Nivin Pauly’s performance was also unmatchable, Premam remake proved it.

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