The number of Mohanlal references in this film teaser will amaze you!

‘Mohanlal’, the most celebrated superstar of Kerala, the icon of silver screen who has been astonishing us with his acting skills and screen charisma for almost three decades, is also now the name of a feature length film starring Manju Warrier and Indrajith Sukumaran in the lead.
Today the teaser of the movie was released, and it had all the ingredients in it, that can make a Mohanlal fan go insane with exultation, thanks to the many popular Mohanlal enactments and references seen through out the two minute long teaser.

Here we list out all of them, those epic Mohanlal citations that were seen in the teaser of the movie Mohanlal

1. The teaser open with the introduction of Mohanlal into Malayalam cinema through this scene from the iconic Fazil movie ‘Manjil virinja Pookkal’

2. This phone number that is written in the calendar is remembered by all the movie buffs in kerala who has seen the action drama Rajavinte Makan, a movie that catapulted Mohanlal to stardom.

3. This cute and adorable Lalettan( epithet by which he is fondly called by the fans, meaning elder brother) picture!

4. The posters see in the background is of the movie Kilukkam, one of the most remembered Mohanlal movie ever

5. This dude who is trying to impress her with this celebrated posture of Mohanlal

6. Cut to this popular image of Mohanlal seen inside the pages of her book

7. Wrapping the book with a cover that has a Lalettan image!

8. This girl wearing a Rayban glass resembles Aadu thoma, one of the most iconic character of Mohanlal from the movie Sphadikkam

9. Manju Warrier is seen crying watching the poignant climax of the movie Dasharatham on television.

10. The lady superstar of Mollywood is seen giving a flying kiss to a huge cut-out of the complete actor(the Mohanlal movie in reference here is that of the commercial potboiler Narasimham)

11. Indrajit Sukumaran, unwinding his mundu in the manner in which Aadu Thoma(a clebrated Mohanla character) does it in Sphadikam

12. Comedy artist Hareesh Kanaran resembles in his avatar to that of the iconic Mohanlal character CP, from the movie Vellanakalude Naadu.

13. Popular stage artist and film actor Kottayam Nazir is seen in the celebrated Lalettan posture here.

14. Even when the director’s name is shown in the teaser, a popular Mohanlal dialogue from the movie Ravanaprabhu is heard in the background

15. Apart from all this, a small portion of the title song of the movie is heard in the teaser, the lyrics of which will give goosebumps to all Mohanlal fans for sure.

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