5 Malayalam Movies Which Gave Us Knowledge About Unknown Facts

We all are mere explorers of knowledge and we are often ready to go to any extent to achieve new knowledges. But what if knowledge directly comes to you effortlessly? Yes . I am talking about cinema itself, about a few mollywood cinemas which provided you knowledge about known facts.

1. എതായാലും ഈ കെമിക്രി കണ്‌ട്‌പിടിചവനെ സമ്മതിക്കണം 

Runway. How could you forget a movie which had enough ideas for you to try starting spirit smuggling. Bros, i am just kidding, just leave it as a movie. In the movie, Dileep introduces different methods to do so of which one idea provides us a little knowledge about a fact which we never knew, The freezing temperature of spirit. In the movie , dileep smuggles spirit packed in plastic cover inside ice cubes and when Murali ask him about it, Dileep says Spirit will become Ice only if the temperature is -112℃ and not at 0℃.
2. അമിക്കസ്‌ക്യുരി, ഇനി പറഞ്ഞുതരില്ല

Hope you guys have not forgotten the movie Ividam swargamanu and the term Amicuscuri. I believe some of you might have heard the term before, but most others were hearing it for the first time in the movie and to affix the term in your mind, Maniyan pillai raju says the word more than 5 times and finally he is fed up of teaching and says “ini paranju tharilla”

3. Pep-can silencer

Unlike movies, for most of the common people, guns stand as an alien object and gun silencers are something which doesn’t even come with even our common thoughts. But again Dileep movie came to break all our preassumptions  and help you to make home made gun silencers and that too with a pep can. Until the movie Ram leela got released, pep cans were an object which was used to play football after use. But the movie showed us how a sharp criminal mind can turn a harmless object to an agitator for a crime. Red bull, i didn’t knew you were a part of murder crimes!!

4. Ouija Board- Aparichithan

Ouija boards, it’s use, and it’s issues are somewhat common nowadays. People tend to use it often knowingly or unknowingly and the consequences are unpredictable . But what if I told you a mollywood movie has a healthy hand in introducing and increasing the popularity of the same among common people. There were people who knew about the same before, but the movie Aparichithan was the real source of knowledge among malayalees about the Ouija board. The use of the same in a convincing way in the movie made people to try it somehow to know what’s gonna happen. Good or bad, not sure till now..!

5.Taj Mahal or Qutb Minar ?

Unlike the above facts, i am pretty sure that the 99% of people who watched the movie ‘One Man Show’ didn’t knew that Taj Mahal is actually higher than the Qutb Minar. One Man Show, a movie which was made adopting the plot of ‘Who Wants To Be Millionaire’ had the perfect nail bitting climax that a movie of such genre could have. For the final question everyone in the film and everyone who watched the film had just one answer, which was the wrong answer. A twist at the end not only made the movie amazing, but also made almost every malayalee know that they were thinking in the wrong way all these years

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