5 Times When Superstars Of Other Industries Failed Infront Of Mollywood Actors Acting

When it comes to Acting there is no other industries in Indian Cinema that could match the awesomeness of Mollywood Actors. If the national awards were conducted in the right way, Mohanlal or Mammootty would have won it most number of times for acting. Let’s have a look at the 5 instances where the Superstars Of Other Industries Failed Infront Of Mollywood Actors Acting.

1) Mammootty – Katha Parayumpol

Kadhaparayumbol was directed by M. Mohanan. The movie was released in 2007 and turned out be a huge commercial success. Even though Sreenivasan portrayed the role of protagonist in the movie, It was Mammookka who won our hearts through his heart touching performance. Mammookka’s climax speech so splendid so that that amazing left the audience in tears. It was indeed a show stealing performance. The movie was remade into Tamil & Hindi as ‘Kuchelan’ & ‘Billu’ respectively. When the movie was remade into Tamil Rajinikanth portrayed the role in typical Ranji style on account of that that performance failed make any impact among the audience & in the audience. On the other hand Sharukhkhan also failed to match with the awesome performance of Mammookka. In short, when Rajini & SRK as characters Mammookka lived as Ashok Kumar.
2) Mohanlal – Kireedam

Kireedom is an iconic movie that was directed by Sibi Malayil. The movie was written by legendary Lohithadas, who is best known for creating characters with intensity. Mohanlal’s Sethu Madavan was one of the finest characters ever written by the legendary scriptwriter. Mohanlal’s mesmerising performance as Sethu took that character to next level & made us feel that Sethu was one among us. The main highlight of the movie was confrontation scene & Lalettan’s performance in the climax where the actor faced off with Keerikadan Jose. Mohanlal bagged national award special jury award for this depiction. The movie was remade into Tamil with same title in 2007. When Kireedom was remade into Tamil the movie as well the performance lacked soul the Malayalam version had. Even many changes was made in the movie inorder to suit the Tamil audience. Ajith failed terribly to match the awesomeness of Lalettan’s performance nevertheless, climax scenes in particular.
3) Kalabhavan Mani – Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum 

Manichettan is Malayalam cinema’s versatile actor. He is one actor who could do comedy, villain, hero & supporting actor roles with absolute ease. ‘Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Njanum’ is regarded as Kalabavan Mani’s career best performance. The movie was directed by Vinayan. The movie was released in 1999 and became a major success. Kalabhavan Mani went on to win national award special mention for this amazing performance. The movie was remade into Tamil as ‘Kasi’ in 2001. Vikaram was the one who portrayed Manichettan’s role in Tamil. Even though Vikram gave his best, his performance was nowhere near Manichettan’s elegant performance.
4) Dileep – Bodyguard

When it comes to performing comedy roles there are not many actors in Malayalam who could do better than Dileep. ‘Bodygaurd’ was a movie directed by Siddique. The movie was released in 2010 with Dileep in lead role. The movie was a romantic comedy in which Dileep effortlessly portrayed the role of ‘Bodygaurd’ with perfection. The excelled the romantic, comedy as well as emotional scenes. Dileep indeed portrayed this role effortlessly. The movie became a hit Kerala Box Office. The movie was remade into Hindi with Salman Khan in lead by Sidique himself with same title. Even though the movie was a big hit Bollywood the performance of Salman Khan in the movie not at all convincing. It was like any other typical Salman Khan performance. In Malayalam Jayakrishnan was a character who was full of emotions on the other hand ‘Lovely Singh’ was a ’emotion less’ character. That single differentiation would be enough show how well Dileep played his role.
5) Nivin Pauly – Premam

Nivin Pauly is an actor who has the ability to perform ‘boy next door’ roles with absolute ease. Premam was directed by Alphonse Puthren. The movie was released in 2015 with Nivin Pauly in lead role. The movie was a massive success in Kerala. The movie also showed Nivin Pauly’s rise as a star in Mollywood. Nivin Pauly’s performance in Premam is regarded as one of the most celebrated performances by the Actor. Nivin Pauly received appreciations from all over the country for his amazing performance. He really lived as George as portrayed in 3 stages of George David with absolute perfection. The movie was remade into Telugu in same name with Naga Chaitanya in lead role. When the Malayalam movie was  realistic the Telugu version was like a typical Telugu mass masala movie. Naga Chaitanya was nowhere near Nivin Pauly’s performance. When Naga Chaitanya tried to do George David’s role in his own way without trying to emulate Nivin Pauly Naga Chaitanya failed miserably.

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