5 songs in which you can see ‘YOU’

We go through different situations in life, right? To an extent, hearing music makes you happier…. There are some specific that  lift us strongly into our past. Please have a look at those special songs. Happy Reading

1) Oru Kili Iru Kili

The most happiest days in our life was when we were children. We were serious about just one thing- which game to play next?… That was the blessed time with no worries and burdens. Let us give hands together to protect children from child abuses, not to destroy their most splendid time in life. To feel that wonderful time, watch the song oru kili iru kili from the movie Manu Uncle. This delightful song was composed by Shyam. This song was crooned by K.S Chithra & M.G Sreekumar.

2) Mozhiyazhakum Mizhiyazhakum

 This song takes us near our parents. It’s all about the love and affection in parent-child relationship. Mother’s love can’t be replaced with anything in this world. It’s true that we won’t be able to look after our parents like they looked after us, but don’t leave them when they are in need of us and don’t hesitate to spent sometime for them. The song is from movie Kalippattam which was written and directed by Venu Nagavalli,  Music by Raveendran, and starring Mohanlal, Urvashi, Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Jagathy and Nedumudi Venu. Mohanlal had sung a song  with alongside KS. Chithra in this movie.
3) Perariyaathoru Nombarathe 

 Is there anyone who haven’t fallen in love once, twice, thrice, or much more…? The pain carving into the heart forms an unliftable stone and we feel like the time has stopped moving. The song “perariyathoru nombarathe” brings back that old memories which was lost forever. The flick was directed by versatile director Jayaraj. Jayaram, Jomol, Kasthuri & Biju Menon depicted the lead roles. This wonderful song was sung by K.J Yeshudas.

4) Iniyenthunalkanam

 After years of married life twists and turns, some will be satisfied, some may be shattered, some might break up…. but the time spent together during the first few months will be remembered by all. Though that fragrance may or may not be there inside our hearts now, the good times of togetherness cherished will always remain unforgettable….This song is from the movie ‘Life is beautiful’ directed by legendary director Fazil. Ouseppachan composed music for this movie. This splendid song was sung by K.J Yeshudas & Sujatha.

5) Vaarthinkal Udikkaatha Vasantha Rathriyil

This song reveals the struggle for freedom that a woman goes through her life, mainly after marriage. Our society is not able to digest the fact that a woman in the role of a daughter/mother/wife deserve equal freedom of man. Let us teach the next generation atleast to understand this truth. This movie is from Shyamaprasad’s one the best movies, Aghnisakshi. The beautiful music of this music was composed by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. Shobhana, Rajat Kapur & Srivdya portrayed the major roles of this film. K.J Yeshudas rendered his ravishing voice for this song.

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