Mollywood’s Top 5 Last Minute Changes That was Worth Gold

Planning makes every tasks perfect.isn’t so? But how do you feel when you fail to execute your plan accordingly? In 99% cases, results will be negative. But there are times when we experience perfect mistakes in our lives. In this article, I would like to point out some last minute changes occured while filming few Mollywood movies, which proved to be worthy as gold

1. One of the most popular guest roles in Mollywood, Minnal Prathapan

How can any Mollywood lover forget the amazing character Minnal Prathapan. The character which unleashed Suresh Gopi in  an all new unseen avatar.  Suresh Gopi, during those times were most popular for his tough and serious roles which he portrayed with excellence. But he had a much humourous role as a police officer named Minnal Prathapan in the movie Manu Uncle, which is being equally loved by everyone. But the fact is that Suresh Gopi was not the first choice for the role. The makers of the movie wanted Jagathy Sreekumar to do this role, but during the filming of the movie, Jagathy was not able to join the crew due to some date issues and then the makers thought of some other replacements and they finally landed on Suresh Gopi. If Jagathy had done the role, it would have hilarious, but it will remain as ‘one among hundreds of comic roles’ done by him. But that was all for good, even though Suresh Gopi was actually not prominent in comedy roles, he had done this role giving his signature touch so that people still love seeing Minnal Prathapan on screen. Surrender… Surrender !!!!

2. Mayaavi IAS

Cinema is somewhat the farmhouse of hoax and superstitions (If you refer further you will see cinema is not alone here). Something somewhat similar occured with the movie Mayaavi. Makers of this Mammootty film wanted to title the movie as Mayaavi, but they were afraid whether people will show interest to see a movie with this title. To add to their fear, there was a Tamil movie released before with the same title which went to suffer losses at the Box office. When the makers approached Mammootty to discuss about it, he said he is not concerned about the title, but he would like to have a character which will posses unique characteristics so that it will not resemble his previous Mass Comedy Characters. So the makers introduced IAS (iruttu adi service) concept with a hero who thrashes villains in the dark. So when the script took this deviation, makers decided that now in anyway Mayaavi is the apt title for the movie and finally the title was set. To their surprise, the titles was loved by the audience more than the film and film went on to become one of the highest grossing movies of the year.

3. Bharatham – A change which was indeed worth Gold

Bharatham was a benchmark film in Mollywood directed by Sibi Malayil, Scripted by A K Lohithadas and Music by Raveendran. The film was a classic one which was set in the plot of music with Mohanlal and Nedumudi Venu portraying the lead roles.  But the unknown fact about the entire scripting of the movie was done at the movie set. Makers had a story in mind, every stars were set and when the shooting was about to start, they realized that yet another movie was gearing up for release whose plot had many similarities with their one. They had no other choice, but to drop the script. But as all the other arrangements for shooting was set, they went one with shooting of the film with yet another story idea. They just had the idea, so the entire scripting was done at the sets and movie was completed. When the movie got released, it was equally accepted by the audience and critics along with Mohanlal, Raveendran and K J Yesudas winning National awards too for their work in the film. Not sure how great would have been the original film be, but the last minute changed version was indeed a step ahead of any other films of the genre at that time and may be even now.

4. Keerikadan Jose 

If you list out the most epic villains of Mollywood, I am sure Keerikadan Jose’s name will surely fetch a spot in the Top 5. Mohan Raj played the role of Keerikadan in the movie Kireedom. But the fact is that, a then prominent Telugu villain was given the role at first. Everything was set, but the day when Keerikadan’s portions were to be filmed, the Telugu actor didn’t show up. He didn’t board the flight to Kerala. The same day Mohan Raj went to the set to meet his friend who was working as a technician in the movie. He had talked with the director to give the role played by Kundara Johnny kutty to his friend Mohan Raj. But on seeing Mohan Raj, such a gigantic figure on the film set, the director and scriptwriter who were feeling low about the deed by their preplanned villain had a new idea. They casted him the role of Keerikadan and I don’t want to say how greatly he had done it. Think of Kireedom with someone else as Keerikadan, Hard to accept for every malayali. Isn’t so? Yes it is.

5. Sethuramayyar CBI aka Ali Imran

The character Sethuramayyar doesn’t need any introduction as it stands as an iconic character ever played by Mammootty. But some worth gaining changes were adapted at the sets of the movie Oru CBI Diarykurippu too. The scriptwriter S N Swamy thought of naming his hero as Ali Imran and making his hero a supercop who talks rarely letting his actions to do the talking. But while Mammootty joined the crew, he suggested that such a hero role will be a reconstruction of the cop roles that the audience had seen before in many other films. He suggested the hero to be an intelligent brahmin who thinks logically and restrains himself from violence. Thus the character Sethuramayyar was born and the change was really a new experience for the audience who accepted the movie and of course the character very shortly.

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