10 Telugu Movies That Grabbed A Special Position in Malayalees’ Hearts

Cinema has no language barrier. Kerala is a place where people watch movies from all languages & including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi, English, Korean, French etcetera etcetera. We Malayalees never hesitate to appreciate the other language movies as well. Let’s have a look at the 10 Telugu movies that grabbed a special position in the hearts of Malayalees.

1) Arya (2004)

We all have at least one friend who dwells in true one side love.He never gets tired of it or that friend might be yourself.Who can easily forget a class apart romantic comedy film, Arya directed by Sukumar?.There was a time when  Allu Arjun, the stylish star who really ruled Malayalam audience hearts.This film depicts true one-sided love in simplest way as Arya, a carefree guy with positive attitude falls in love with Geetha (Anuradha Mehta) who forced to accept Ajay’s proposal earlier.It is a compilation of love, comedy, sentiment.Allu Arjun threatened to steal the show as he lived as the character Arya.The climax scene is exceptionally great in which Geetha came to know that Arya was the guy who dove into the sea for her anklet and he came to his life much before Ajay.It satiated the Malayalam audience to the core.People may wonder how Allu Arjun starrer movie in outset got much acceptance here.The elegantly done music and Allu Arjun’s quick dance moves with style and grace Arya are the answers.Which created Allu Arjun’s identity here.He had an ultimate grace while dancing for Thakadhimithom (Thakadhinathom in telugu).Usually, dubbing movies are stereotyped, which doesn’t offer ear soothing experience.but this film evolved into a combination of persuasive peaceful melodies nad admirable fast numbers.The songs, ” Feel My Love “, a melody song picturized on the extent of Arya’s love and ” Etho Priya Ragam Mooli Njan ” (Nuvvante in Telugu ) depicts Geetha start liking Arya and begins to understand him, are really give you the butterflies in the stomach and leave you in humming track.The truth Arya is a class apart film , the untold truth is it is like a Wine.

2) Arjun Reddy (2017)

Mollywood has always been a fertile ground for realistic cinema.Malayalam movies which have a realistic narrative an making, mostly acquired critical acclaim and Box office success.That unveiling the phenomenal capabilities of Malayalis(Keralite).The extent of fame of the romance drama film, Arjun Reddy is massive.The film which showcases poignant raw performance from everybody who becomes part of this film.As the name suggests, this movie revolves around the life of Arjun Reddy, who is a brilliant medical student with anger management issues.His life turns into a destructive path when his lover moves away from this life.Yes, this is like Modern DEVDAS! and we have seen many movies in this theme but actors and directors completely adorn their part and made this as a landmark film for Telugu industry.It is not a regular mass masala film.Actors owe this film completely to Sandeep Reddy Vanga(Director).Vijay Devarkonda, the show stealer of the film delivered an exceptionally great performance with finicky sharp acting.We could see many lengthy single shot scenes in which actors trying to dominate each other.There were many good scenes which offer raw and realistic performance such as Arjun Reddy warning all his juniors as Preethi is exclusive to him, impassioned moments between Arjun Reddy and Preethi.Fight scene between Reddy and Amith and  “a fat chick and  cute chick is an awesome combination ” scene are treat for any type of cinema viewer.This pathbreaking film penetrates in true love by showing extreme emotions.Vijay Devarkonda, he lived as Arjun Reddy and we might feel that the character completely gets into him and never going to leave him.This film hadn’t any dubbed version in Kerala.But it was a part of discussions in social media since its release.Later this sensational film got released by Amazone Prime and turned to a cherishable film for Keralites. Raw and Realistic films in Telugu industry is not always happening but when it happened everyone loved it.

3) HappyDays (2007)

Yeah, this one is about college life.We usually dwell in nostalgia.Reliving past memories may provide comfort and contribute to mental health.So it is not trivial to amble around our college life.Those 3 or 4 years of life unearths our talents, feelings, falsehood, and inventiveness.Happydays a musical coming of age film directed by Shekhar Kammula is not a typical Telugu film which showcasing heroism.There is no unbelievable stunts or item songs, this one keeps telling you that our college life is on the big screen.The movie revolves around eight youngsters, who all together make a fine gang in an engineering college.The movie depicts the life of these freshers with the seniors who bullies juniors and love, affection among one another.Not only the movie is about freshers but also they are freshers in cinema.That never affected this film.They delivered a commendable act and made this film great.There are some feel-good movies which audience want to remind and discuss every time.Happydays is such a feel-good film which everybody can relate to.Seperation scene of Tyson and Shravs, funny scenes of Chandhu and Maadhu who always keeps ego, were fascinating.You know the movies which discuss college life are loved by Keralites.Remember  Classmates, coming age of romantic campus film broke many box office records and became the highest grossing film.Like the film Arya, Happydays got ear soothing melodies to secure huge fans.Manasinnu Marayilla (O My friend), probably the best song of this film picturized on their journey and friendship still remains in everybodies playlist.Happydays dubbed into Malayalam as the same name, which ensured quality in the dubbing  of dialogues and songs.All these made Happydays simply to put you in good mood no matter how many times you watch it.

4) Aey Hero (1992)

Aey Hero was the Malayalam dubbed version of Chiranjeevi’s blockbuster Telugu movie Gharana Mogudu which was released in 1992. This movie established Chiranjeevi’s stardom in Kerala. The movie also made Vani Vishwanath & Nagama familiar to the Malayali audience. The movie was a perfect cocktail of Humour, action sequences & delightful music composed by M.M Keeravani. The movie had a theatrical run of more than 100 days in Kerala. Aey hero was also the 1st dubbing film to achieve this feat. “Punnara Peda Mane” (Bangaru Kodi Petta) song was a real sensation in Kerala at that time. This was one among the most broadcasted songs in Chithra Geetam (Malayalam version of DD Sapatagiri’s Geetanjali) during 90’s. Even now an 80’s kid hears this song it will definitely give him goosebumps. More than a hit the movie was a real trendsetter in Kerala. After the massive success of this movie in Kerala many Telugu movies dubbed versions started hitting screens in Kerala.

5) No:1 Nenokkadine (2014)

Mental disorders, the topic is efficiently used in many movies to engage audiences.Like that No:1 Nenokkadine is such a film which revolves around the quirky search by Gautham suffering from Schizophrenia (causing hallucinations) for his parents who were killed when he was kid.its an unconventional film from Telugu industry. film lies in the genre psychological thriller.Sukumar the captain of the ship always elucidate the story in simplest form, while he keeps an engaging complex screenplay in case of thrillers.The film rambles on various themes like revenge, psychological disorder, and corporate greed.No:1 offers the seamless portrait of Mahesh Babu and this film is one of the best accomplishments of his career.Mollywood is a film industry where you can find celebrated psychological thrillers.Manichithrathazhu still remains as the best Indian film in the psycological genre even after decades of its release.As per the genre, there are many rewatchable scenes in No:1.Film lovers who have exposure to psychological films can honestly accept this one.Film dubbed into Malayalam as NO:1which created a floor for filmmakers to discuss this film much earlier.Later the home DVD release and social media enhanced the stateliness.Films which is not made as commercial potboiler may not satisfy local viewers. It may discover fans somewhere else.The same happened for No:1 Nenokkadine. The subtle performance of Mahesh Babu was also celebrated among the youngsters as well. After the watching this movie many people opinioned that if Mahesh Babu’s movies were simultaneously dubbed & released in Kerala, he would have achieved a massive fan base in Kerala. Since the tamil remakes of Mahesh Babu’s Pokiri & Okkadu were the two main films that played major roles in making Vijay the most popular Tamil actor of this era in Kerala.

6) Nannaku Prematho (2016)

Obviously, this one grabbed a space in this list.Nannaku Prematho , the NTR starrer revenge thriller directed by Sukumar is one of the favorite Telugu films of Malayalam audiences.This one story is as simple as Abhiram (NTR) taking revenge on a powerful intelligent businessman Krishnamurthy Kautilya who cheated Ramesh Chandra Prasad earlier.In short, this is an age-old story.But do think what happens when a simple story enclosed in a complex screenplay.The result Nannaku Prematho offers a movie which deeply based on mind game.The decent making-of Sukumar contributes with attention paid to certain technical details and NTR’s intensive energy oozing performance raise the movie to the standard of a real thriller that could easily be watched more than once with the same feel.Sukumar picked the most suitable cunning villain who overshadows even the intelligent hero sometimes.The climax part is a cherishable one , even if it was about the death of Abhiram’s father.It will leave you in tears in their smiles.The film dwells on a screenplay which constantly uses puzzles,ideas, butterfly effect and many cerebral activities.This one got much acceptance in Kerala after the home DVD release.Movie had also become part of discussions in social media and it ruled mx players, Xsenders. Temper followed by Nakko Premto & Janatha Garage established NTR as one of the best Telugu actors of this generation in Malayee audiences’ point of view.

7) Bahubali (2015)

If a person is a bit into movies, it is sure that the person heard about SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus Bahubali couple of years before its release.We all raised the question ” why did Kattappa kill Bahubali ” in our friend circle and we made discussions in social media immensely.We all used to read Amar Chithra Kadha when we were kids and dreamt those battles in our sleep.Bahubali is a kind of film which reminds you all the beautiful Indian stories based on mythology ,part of your childhood .S.S. Rajamouli, the craftsmen provided life to his father K.V. Vijayendhra Prasad’s story with a knack of a magician.He owned pretty decent direction in this expensive film.Prabhas in the titular role and Bahubali’s son Siva.Both of these roles come out of its glory.The loyal warrior Kattappa was natural and loveable in the Bahubali beginning than  the conclusion.This period epic offered Ghoosebumps in each seconds of war scenes and satiated everyone with the edge of seat experience.Grandeur films usually find market everywhere in the country, like that Bahubali created a strong fan base everywhere and collected huge money.The movie got a dubbed version and received positive reviews.Bahubali world TV premiere was in Mazhavil Manorama with top TRP rating.

8) Magadheera (2009)

For Telugu industry, if someone can make audience crazy by creating movies with extravagant making, no doubt its S.S. Rajamouli.Magadheera, the romantic action drama film actually one of the most visually impressive films that come from india before Bahubali.The film is based on the widely used concept of reincarnation and eternal love.The story revolves around the eternal love between Kala Bhairava and Mithravinda Devi.Magadheera is one of the best films in ram charan’s career, He just walks away with his role in this film and amusing between transitions.What made the big difference to the simple and plain story is directors ability to create interest throughout the film.The CG works got much recognition.Usually, we may feel anger on the maker when we see a single man fighting with 100 men in movies, but here brilliantly executed fight scene in which Kala Bhairavan who fights with 100 warriors of Sher Khan.It offered ultimate goosebumps for any viewer who like cinematic visuals.Magadheera had got a Malayalam dubbbed version as DHEERA: the warrior, that helped the film to grab Malayalam audiences.” Dheera Dheera ” song got much acceptance here in Kerala.The film crossed more than 1000day of theatrucal run and its still continuing infinite houseful shows in audiences hearts. Ram Charan’s performance in this movie is considered as his Career best performance. People in Kerala are also waiting for a film like Magadheera from Ramcharan.

9) EEGA (2012)

Reincarnation is an exciting theme in case of movies.We have seen many movies in which hero rebirths after years and avenging villain.For a change, S.S. Rajamouli, the man who ambles around fantasy (recently) tried a bit different in this fantasy flick.It is like a bedtime story, the protagonist unusually acquires a rebirth as a housefly.Obviously, this story will make you laugh.But this one’s leader is Rajamouli, he can make you believe unbelievable things.The screenplay offered engaging thrilling scenes at regular intervals after the reincarnation of Nani as Housefly.Rajamouli is not a person who follow big stars after his commercial success(eg: Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna,Eega).He doesn’t need any big stars to make massive films.Rajamouli is always the main hero of his film.The same courage worked well in Eega and become a commercial success.As usual, this film got a dubbed version as Eecha, and exciting concept was enough to force audience to watch this film.
10) The Ghazi Attack (2017)

The history of all of the devasting wars was part of our syllabus since 5th standard.So we all are familiar with its widespread effects.So what happens when we all get an  opportunity to revisit the history via movies?.This is the reason for acceptance of war movies among the audience.Ghazi attack is war movie inspired by true events from India-Pak war of 1971.Actually, the mystery behind the sinking of submarine PNS Ghazi has its own relevance in the history.The first Indian submarine war film directed by Sankalp Reddy never disappointed the viewers.This is not a film to boost box office.It contributes a gripping film to war genre films.Bahubali provided fanbase for the macho man, Rana Daggubati.That helped the reach of the film in Kerala too.

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