5 Best Spot Improvisations by Mollywood Actors

Cinema is always considered as the craftsmanship of the director. Sometimes, we do feel like some particular scenes or shots could have been made better so that it would have added some colour to the entire movie. In this article, I would like to share some actor improvisations which made those scenes unforgettable for us even now.

1. Purushu Enne Anugrahikkanam

This single dialogue is enough for every malayali to recognize the film and the scene. This dialogue has become a usual usage phrase between malayalees. But the fact is that, this dialogue was not initially planned in the script. Lal Jose planned this scene like Jagathy crawling through the ground and pattalam purushu hitting him on the neck with his gun. But when the second shot was filmed, before Purushu hit Jagathy chettan with his gun, Jagathy chettan just told ”Purushu Enne Anugrahikkanam”. That’s whom I call a undisputed comedy king who have light up the entire scene with his own improvisation. I still can’t control my laugh remembering this scene and I am sure you all might be having a smile on your face while reading this. All thanks to Jagathy chettan
2. Mosi – Isow. That was new.. right?

I don’t think you people might not have forgotten the epic twist in the movie ‘Sethuramayyar CBI’. Sethuramayyar series has always provided a fresh plot with some epic twists. ‘Sethuramayyar CBI’ not only provided a decent suspent element in the climax, but also there was a surprise twist which paved the route for the climax. Yeah, I am talking about the MOSI – ISOW scene. But, what if I told you, this was not the Idea of either the scriptwriter or the director. If so, who pointed it out, I guess you people guessed it right. Mammootty, our own Mammookka was the one who gave this idea. Sometimes being a criminal lawyer in real life  had really helped him in doing so. Who knows, but I should say it was amongst one of the greatest improvisations by an actor.
3. Haaa..Adi Sakke..!

Runway, being one of the greatest Dileepetan movies, always remains as one of our favourite movies ever. Not only it had a great hero, but also a classic villain. Kalasaala Babu, the actor who is famous his ‘thanthak vili’ styles also had an improvisation in this movie. In the scene where Dileepetan is being accused of a crime, Kalasaala Babu rushes in his car, steps out and say “Adi Sakke”. Actually director didn’t insist him to say so,but he said it by himself which actually became a trendy dialogue after that. It was a dialogue he heard before somewhere, he felt it was apt for the scene and said it. I should say it was indeed apt. What say? Adi Sakke..!!
4. The guy who amazed a Tamil movie set

I am talking about the guy who is equally loved by all the film lovers, Kalabhavan Mani. Mani chettan had also done his part to glorify his movies. In 1998 Tamil Movie Marumalarchi, starring Mammookka in the lead role, there is a scene where manichettan climbs a coconut tree and falls from the top. The director thought of using an experienced stunt double for the scene. But Manichettan had different plans, he not only did the scene of climbing the tree himself, but also dropped his hands while he was on the top of the tree giving more than what the director expected to film. The entire movie crew was stunned at this young guy’s passion for his work and surely the Tamil audience welcomed this guy to their fort forever.
5. Daa..nattukarodu kalichal ingane irikkum

Its Jagathy chettan again, how can you forget Jagathy chettan epic freefall in the movie Kavadiyattam. In the scene where Jayaramettan, who acts as a mentally retarded guy, is being chased by the villagers and Jagathy chettan laughs at Jayaramettan. On reaching near Jagathy chettan, Jayaramettan throws a stone right on his chest. The scene was supposed to end with Jagathy chettan’s funny face. But Jagathy chettan was not ready to let it go, to add to the laugh, Jagathy chettan did a freefall on to the ground which was not preplanned. The scene gave us a good lugh, but Jagathy chettan injured his hand on falling.

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