Hey Jude – Review

Hey Jude is director Shyamaprasad’s 3rd joint venture with Nivin Pauly. The movie featured actress Trisha Krishnan for the first time in Mollywood. The movie had low hype since Shyamaprasad’s works were more artistic than engaging. But Hey Jude totally stands out from the typical Shyamaprasad movies. The movie provided entertainment, art and good performances.

When someone casts Siddique in their Movie, they do give him a notable space and damn he makes total use of it. Nivin Pauly produced the best of his acting skills and he made it clear that he’s not out from the competition. Trisha proved that language is not a barrier for acting and dubbing in an unfamiliar industry. Apoorva didn’t have  much to do in the movie.

The Music and Cinematography made the movie more interesting and engaging. The characterisation was done well and the script was slow but offered interesting sequences. Overall the movie is an above average feel good flick which is notable for the performances. The people criticizing Nivin Pauly should watch this flick and start thinking again.

Rating 3.5/5

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