Aadhi vs Street Lights 6 Days Collection Report

Pranav mohanlal’s debut movie was released on January 26th clashing with megastar Mammootty’s Street Lights. Along with the Malayalam version Tamil version of Street Lights was simultaneously. Aadhi was released with the humongous amount of hype. On the other hand Street Lights was a low budget movie without of much promotions. Aadhi received highly positive reviews upon it’s release and Pranav received rave reviews for his fabulous debut. 

Pranav’s acrobatic parkour moves were praised in particular. The movie was directed by Jeethu Joseph. Aadhi can be taken as a strong comeback of the director whose works after Dhrishyam  Life of Josutty, Oozham & Lakshyam didn’t rise upto the expectations. While Street Lights received mixed reviews from the critics and audience. Some of the reviews stated that Street Lights is a good thriller. On the other hand, the movie received several negative feedbacks as well. Street Lights is directed by cinematographer turned director Shamdat.

 The movie  witnessed yet another directorial debut with Mammootty. The movie was produced by Mammootty himself. When Aadhi was released in 200+ theaters in Kerala. Street Lights was released in comparatively less theaters. Street Lights was also released in GCC on the same day of the flick’s Kerala release.

          AADHI               STREET LIGHTS

Day 1:  2.77cr.                      0.88cr.

Day 2:   2.64cr.                      0.63cr.

Day 3:    2.81cr.                     0.69cr.

Day 4:     1.11cr.                    0.31cr.    

Day 5:      0.84cr.                   0.28cr.

Day 6:       0.82cr.                   0.25cr.

Total:       10.99cr                   3.04cr.

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