Malayalam Actors Who Proved You Don’t Need A Degree To Be Successful in Life

We live in an era where every single parent sends their children to B-Tec regardless of their interest. On the the other hands there are quite a few actors in Malayalam cinema who didn’t have a degree yet became accomplished in their fields. Let’s check out who are those actors

1) Prithviraj

No-one in Kerala would believe that Prithviraj didn’t have a degree, Prithviraj has mesmerized Malayalees with his command over English language on account of that​ it’s really hard to believe that he is not a graduate. Nevertheless it is just a matter of fact that Prithvi is a B-Tec dropout. When he was doing his graduation in Australia director Ranjith told Prithvi’s mother about doing a film with her son in the lead role. She thought that Ranjith was asking about Indrajith because Prithvi wasn’t even in the picture. But Prithvi was a person who showed interest in acting from his school days itself. Later Ranjith did ‘Nandhanam’ with Prithvi & that became a huge success. Prithvi also received rave reviews for his performance. Because of that reason he decided to try his luck in cinema and drop his studies. He proved that he made the right choice, Now he is one of biggest stars in Malayalam. Prithvi proved that ‘You don’t need a so-called graduation in order to attain knowledge and become successful’.
2) Fahadh Fasil

Fahadh Fazil began his career through ‘Kayyethum Doorath’ but the movie didn’t do well both commercially & critically. Fahadh also received immense criticism for his pathetic performance in the movie. On account of that he went to abroad for his graduation in psychology but he had a passion for Cinema Because of that he left the college in late 2000’s and made a comeback in 2009 through ‘Kerala Cafe’. Fahadh Fazil proved the ‘First impression is the best impresses’ and redefined the meaning of the proverb ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Fahdh showed grit by sticking to his goals despite failures.
3) Dileep 

Dileep used to be ‘Gopalakrishnan’ during his college days. He hardly attended the classes. He was at the ‘Kalabavan Troupe’ most of the time. He always wanted to become an established film actor. Dileep had confidence in his talent. He used to say to his classmates “One day they would have to return from the theaters that plays my movie without getting the tickets“. But time proved that he was right.

Dileep did his degree in Maharaja’s college Ernakulam. History was his subject. Later he quit the studies to chase his dreams and he accomplished his dreams like we all know.

4) Asif Ali

Asif Ali did his degree Marian College, Kuttikkanam. BBA was his subject. Asif Ali did TV shows and modelling during his college studies. Because of that he was not able to concentrate in his studies properly. He had around 20 back papers after the final year examination. He made his debut through ‘Rithu’, the fun fact is that he acted in Rithu without even telling his parents. His parents were shocked when they saw Asif Ali’s face in the movie posters. Asif Ali is one actor who achieved stardom through hard work and determination. Asif Ali is now regarded as the most improved actor of this era.
5) Kalabavan Mani 

Manichettan needs no introduction to Malayalees in particular. He was born in a very poor family. He studied in Government boys school Chalakkudy. He was not able to pass the SSLC exams even after several attempts. Later he had to quit the studies inorder to meet ends for his family. Then took 3 wheeler license and started driving autorickshaw in Chalakkudy. But Mani utilised the chances he got to showcase his talent whenever he got an opportunity. After few years he joined ‘ Cochin Kalabhavan’. He received recognition through 1996 movie ‘Sallapam’. Manichettan’s Journey from a Autorickshaw driver to National award winner is truly inspirational to a comman man who has dreams for Cinema.
These Actors Proved That Degree is not at all a criteria for success. Just like Sachin Tendulkar Said “Follow your heart, chase your dreams, dreams do come true.”

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