5 Times When Indian Cinema Predicted The Future

It gives us a vibrant feel when something we expect to happen in our life happens unexectedly. If so, how could it would probably feel to see cinema, a media that reaches millions of people, could predict the future. We have seen movies like ‘Back To Future’ and all which depicted how future would possibly be. Likewise there are also a few indian movies which knowingly or unknowingly predicted the future. Lets just look into 5 of them.

1. Video Chat- We Did It Before It Was Cool

In this modern era, no one is away from us. You could communicate and see anyone anywhere in this world by just sitting in your bedroom. But what if i told you, Indians did it before the world even thought of it. Yes, its a fact. In an 1952 telugu movie, a cute periodical heroine urges to meet his love so that she brings a box which looks exactly like the modern day laptop. She opens it to see her man on the screen and then they goes on interacting. The box do not had any wires attached which surely gives us the feeling that the kingdom was too modern to adapt wifi too. You don’t believe me, right guys? Well, no worries quickly ask the google and comeback fast. I’ll be waiting with the next.

2. BAR-BEER, Well Jagathy knew it man, he knew it

Kerala is one Indian state which is good enough to find out some good reasons to have some great alcohol parties throughout the year. But to the shock of all, there was a mercyless step taken by the previous UDF government to ban all Bars, other than the 5 star bars, in the state. Shocking indeed, right? Yes. It caused equal amount of sorrow to every alcohol lovers and bar owners of the state. But for a slight relief, the bars with quality standards were allowed to run as ‘Beer & Wine Parlour’ lately. 

Coming back to our topic, in the 1991 malayalam comedy movie ‘Mookillarajyathu’, jagathy’s character, who is a bit mentally weak, searches for his missing friend all over Ernakulam. During his expedition, he sees a board in which it is written ‘BAR’. He makes a close look at the board and reads it as ‘B,A,R…BEER’. It was just a hilarious scene for me until the bars were banned and were turned into beer parlours almost 2 decades later. Man… Jagathy knew it..he really knew it before.

3. Yevadu – A bad rip of a good idea

Yevadu was a 2014 Telugu action thriller movie which had the plot of face transplant(forgive me if you had seen the idea before in Face Off). In yevadu, Allu Arjun is being roughly manhandled by some goons and he loose his face and at the hospital, the doctor goes for the extreme. He sets the face of Ram Charan for Allu through a plastic surgery and later the anti heroes of both the heroes get thrashed.

Well i gave the title of bad rip to this as it is not a cool story to disclose. Its an example of people making wrong routes out of cinema entertainment. In 2017, a telugu couple had almost the same concept gone through their lives. The wife and her lover killed the husband and the body was safely dumped. Then the wife poured acid over her lover’s face and he was taken to the hospital by her itself claiming that it is her husband who got an acid injury and his face needs plastic surgery to get a new face. Both planned to kill the husband and lover could take his spot without giving a chance of doubt to others. Brilliant planning, right guys? But the efforts went in vain as the lover was a poor actor, his efforts to play the role of that innocent man turned out to be a failure and the relatives found out the story behind it very soon.

4. Biju menon’s Midas Touch

In the 2017 malayalam comedy movie, Rakshadikari baiju, which was released in April 2017, there is a scene where biju’s daughter asks him for new ear rings. But biju finds ample reasons to say no. To console his grandchild, vijayaraghavan says he will give her grandma’s ear rings to her. Biju’s daughter who was expecting a new one says that she don’t need her grandma’s Jimikki(ear rings) as it is old fashioned. Biju then interveens and says her to take it and he also adds that jimikki is going to be a trend very soon

Later the year in September, the movie titled Velipadinte pustakam got released and it had a song in it titled ‘Jimikki Kammal’ and just like Biju predicted the song went on to become a tremendous hit all over the world which even had its versions from other countries like Russia, dubai etc. Really a trendsetter, right?

5. Arjunan Sakshi – Renjith Sankar sensed the issue, Gave the remedy and predicted the hindrances

Kochi is one of the most crowded and busiest indian cities and smooth and quick transportation in the city was becoming a tough issue some years before. That’s when Renjith Sankar came up with the movie ‘Arjunan Sakshi’ in which the story revolves around a murder which happens in relation, to find out a settlement for this difficulty. In the movie, he says clearly that Metro will be one of the most ample solution to the issue. He also senses the difficulty in land aquisition for the same and has depicted it clearly in the movie. Thats how he makes us aware of the fast growing issue of the city, gives us the remedy and warns us about the hindrances. Arjunan Sakshi was a 2011 movie and the foundation stone for Kochi Metro was laid in 2012. As he predicted in the movie, issues came up from all parts and there were long lasting unsettlements during the time of land aquisition which even led to stoppage of work for a while just as he predicted in his movie. But the happy part is that, all the hurdles were crossed and Kochi Metro has become live by 2017.

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