BON VOYAGE – An Inspirational Story

It’s been 3 days since the fishermen disappeared. It has dreaded the general population living in the coastal area. The violent wind has struck solidly and it has caused serious harm in a few regions. Individuals aren’t getting any sort of assistance from the state central government. The safeguard procedure isn’t powerful either. When the mob asked the rescue team about the progress of their mission they said “We are giving a valiant effort, we additionally have certain confinements and this is the ideal service we can offer” 

As the day’s advanced people lost the faith in the rescue team so they called everybody for taking a choice.
In the gathering the eldest lady in their group, Mary said “Every one of our men has left to fish and none of them has returned yet. So we one among us should go and search for them, by virtue of the unremarkable help we are accepting from the government”, But the ladies were helpless none of them had gone to sea for fishing since their job was to sell the fish their men get from the sea. After a couple of months of hush, a woman said: “Aishwarya’s child isn’t a kid any longer so he ought to go and look for our men”. Aishwarya stood up and said, “He is only 22 years and he didn’t have quite a bit of an experience of going to sea for fishing”. In any case, that answer wasn’t persuading enough for the general population, they guaranteed that Aishwarya is being egotistical for securing her only child and it’s such a disgrace saying, to the point that her son doesn’t have proper experience being lived in the coastal area for more than 2 decades. At last Aishwarya needed to concur that she would send her child.
When Aishwarya spoke to Anandhu about this matter he refused to go without any second thoughts. And that really made Aishwarya angry. 

And all of the ladies the coastal area panned him. One lady said “Are you a puppet, you haven’t done anything good for your family, at least do anything for our people. That words put Anandhu in deep sorrow. He realised that the lady was right, he has been a complete failure throughout his life. He didn’t even go to any job after his father’s job. He was simply sitting in his home and thinking about some fantasies all the time. The criticism from the lady turned out as a blessing in disguise and that really fired him up. And he agreed to go and search for the fishermen. He wasn’t an expert boat sailer even though he has gone to the sea for quite a few times.


Everyone wished him good fortune and he started off his journey. He sailed the boat towards the north direction despite the unfavourable climatic conditions. It was raining very hard but he kept sailing the boat. After several hours he was in the middle of the sea without knowing what to next, he was totally confused. 
When he opened his eyes next morning he was on an island. When he slept in the boat somehow the boat reached there.

Then he realised that his emotions got better of him and were a foolish decision to go to sea with the boat. He decided that he will stay in that island forever. He was back to his laziness. After a day he was short of food and began to search for food. Later he gathered lots of fruits from there and started to eat them. While eating the fruits he saw a snake trying to catch a frog. The snake has caught the frog and the frog was trying to escape. After making a valiant effort the frog managed to escape from the snake. He saw himself in that frog. He said to himself “If the frog could snatch his life from the jaws of death, why couldn’t he even make a try to search the missing fishermen”.

And he took a detour and restarted his journey from where he ended it.


This time he was determined, he sailed the boat for hours but still, he was not able to find the missing fishermen. 
But he kept sailing. After some hours he saw some pieces of a boat floating through the water. He sailed his boat towards it. The atmosphere was full of fog and he was not able to see things properly. After some time he saw the fishermen holding a wooden piece. There were 7 of them and he gave his hand took them into the boat. When the 7th person entered the boat it started to shake. Anandhu realised that the boat is buoyant enough for 7 people. Then he came out of the boat and gave the fishermen the fruits that he gathered from the island. He smiled and said “You start sailing, don’t worry about me. I can swim”. The fishermen thanked him for rescuing their life and started off their journey.


After few days the fishermen reached their home and thanked told Anandhu’s mother about the heroics of her son. After she heard this news she looked at the sea and smiled and said in her mind “I wish my son would come back, maybe one day“.

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